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Eagle Scout Hall of Fame

The Eagle Scout is the highest rank attainable by a Boy Scout. The road to Eagle Scout is hard and many challenges must be overcome to complete this rank. But the those who possess strong will and desire will complete the journey and prove they are worthy of the Eagle Rank.

The following Scouts from Troop 87 have earned this distinction.
This page is dedicated to them, and their accomplishments.

 DateEagle Scout
11945-8-23Albert Fowlkes
21945-9-21Donald Heard
31945-9-24James Morris Ward
41945-9-24P.H. White
51946-5-2Billy "Peck" Jones
61946-8-8Thomas Walker
71947-10-20Ronald Guest Stetler
81949-8-5John Maxwell
91952-7-14Stonie Maxwell
101955-7-7Marshall Swafford
111957-8-1John Guttery
121959-2-16James Walker Fuller
131959-4-27Roger Ganier
141962-11-9Joe Sigman
151963-1-19Jimmy Roberts
161964-1-24Murray Blurton
171964-6-1George Yarbro
181964-6-1Jim Ganier
191964-12-18O. Fred Moore
201964-12-18Richard Bowen
211966-1-31John Derrington
221966-11-28John Patterson
231967-1-18Robert Patrick
241967-1-30Robert Pearson
251970-4-13Timothy Bruce
261970-10-10Lelon Edwards
271978-3-16Randall Runions
281979-10-9David Jackson
291979-10-9Howard Runions
301979-10-25John Cloar
311980-5-27Steven Hardy
321980-5-27Willaim Hardy
331981-2-16Nicholis Dycus
341981-4-3Jeffery Robertson
351981-4-29Larry Lloyd
361982-9-1Stephen Byron Dycus
371983-4-7"Hadden" Lloyd Collier
381983-4-25Luther Ray Chandler
391983-4-25Steven Robertson
401983-5-9Paul Fields
411983-7-2Woodson Farmer
421986-10-27Mark Lefler
431987-1-12Patrick Moss
441988-8-20Jason Jones
451989-9-26Lawerence Collier
461991-3-13Latham Collier
471991-7-18Burt Chandler
481992-2-6"Brad" John Glass
491996-12-3John Legan
502000-1-25Paul Legan
512000-7-18Mitchell Massaro
522005-5-24Anthony Brodell
532006-4-10James Sigman
542007-12-17Cole Smith
552008-3-10Hunter Todd
562008-5-5John Melton
572008-6-2Andrew Legan
582008-9-15John McGrail
592008-9-22Charles Price Whitnel
602008-9-22Daniel Langley
612008-11-10Logan Collier
622008-11-17Clay Perkins
632009-3-2William "Will" Fowlkes
642009-4-20Josh Black
652009-5-11Chris Wagner
662009-8-17Ben Melton
672009-9-14Connor Hansford
682009-9-21Jonathan Ellingsworth
692009-11-9Brian Randolph
702010-3-1Corey Smith
712011-9-26Gregory Sean Stapleton
722012-7-16Bill Yates
732012-12-14Kent Kirby
742012-12-21James Edward Naifeh III
752013-4-8Stephen Christopher Simpson
762013-5-6Collin Michael Naifeh
772013-11-18Christopher "Danial" Clegg II
782014-1-13Alan Christopher Cecil
792014-1-13James D. Johnson III "Trip"
802014-2-17Peyton Hickman
812014-2-17Ben Tucker
822014-2-17Hunter Webster
832014-8-4James Andrew Collier
842014-8-4Stephen Emery Escue
852015-4-27Coleman Self
862015-6-1Stan Medlin
872016-1-11Easton Essary
882016-6-13Riley Jensen
892016-8-8Burke Jensen
902016-8-15Aaron Stapleton
912017-1-9Paul Anderson
922017-1-9William "Billy" Bona
932017-2-13Miller Edgin
942017-7-24Logan Miller
952017-7-24Walton Self
962017-8-21Will Dedmon
972017-8-21Parks Johnson
982017-8-21Porter Jenkins